analytical expotition

all children should have to play sport

children are getting fatter and fatter and the way we live is making it worse, so how can we

help? the best way is to get children playing sport.

playing sport is going to keep kids strong,fit and healty.

growing bodies need lots of daily exercise and the best way to do this is to playing sport.

kids who play sport have less health problems than kids who sit at home and watch too much


there are lots of sport that kids can play such as soccer, netball, softball

they can also play sport like gymnastic, tennis and basketball.

so it doesn’t matter what you like or where you live, there is a sport for everyone.

children also playing a team sport. it is great for kids because they get to make lots of new

friends. they also learn how to work together in a team and cooperate which each other

kids who don’t play sport don’t have this chance for fun and friendship, which is really sad.

so, all kids should have to play sport . it help them make new friends, keep fit and healthy, and

learn how to work with others. playing sport is fun and exciting it is much better than being

bored at home.


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